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This program is delivered as part of the PcTel (HSP56) internal modem driver set for Windows XP. Its exact function is not clear but on some systems the dial tone and dialling progress can not be heard unless PCTSPK is running.  It is also reported as providing support for speakerphone and answering machine functions which the voice/fax modem can provide.

However, not running this program does not seem to make any difference to essential functions.

On some systems PCTSPK.EXE runs on start up and may take 90% or more of CPU time for several minutes, causing sluggish performance.  It may also run at intervals later on too.  Some users report certain "first person" games (eg Doom) cause it to fire up and slow things down a lot.

To disable it, from Start choose Run, enter msconfig and click OK.  Choose the Startup tab, locate PCTSPK.EXE and uncheck the box.  Click OK etc.  Next start PCTSPK.EXE will not run.


Last modified: January 03, 2008